Re: 2013 China International Education Exhibition Tour(CIEET 2013)

Approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE) of the People's Republic of China, Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE) will hold China International Education Exhibition Tour (CIEET 2013) in the following seven cities of China, i.e. Beijing, Shenyang, Xi'an, Shanghai, Hefei, Fuzhou and Guangzhou, from 9th March to 24th March 2013. China Study Abroad Forum 2013 will also be staged at its sideline. I, hereby, on behalf of CSCSE, convey my sincere pleasures to invite your organization to participate in this year’s event. 

With strong support from all parties, CSCSE has been successfully hosting seventeen CIEETs in over 30 major cities across China since 1999. CIEET, renowned both at home and abroad, is acknowledged as the most influential international education occasion featuring overseas study. The 17th CIEET alone has attracted 485 various types of educational institutions from 35 different countries and regions to participate, and the total number of visitors exceeded 40,000.

As the leader and a well-known brand in Chinese educational market, CIEET will endeavor to provide students with the most authoritative, accurate and straightforward overseas studying information continuously, to offer a full range of promotion services to participating institutions, to introduce more high quality overseas educational resources, and to build up a cooperation and exchange platform for Chinese and overseas higher education institutions and related organizations.

The deadline of the CIEET registration is subject to the booth availability of each city. However, an earlier registration date may help secure the better booth allocation in our booth allocation process which is mainly sorted by the application form dates.

Please contact the organization secretariat for more details about CIEET 2013.

Ms. Maggie Yang    
Tel: 86 10 85898181

Look forward to meeting with you in CIEET 2013. 

Yours sincerely,

Weimin Che 
Assistant -Director General for International Cooperation
Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange
Ministry of Education
The People’s Republic of China