International Exhibition “Education and Career 2013”, From 19th of February until 21st of February in Tashkent, Uzbekistan



Dear Sir/Madam, 

Greetings from “Education Voyage Agency”,

We would like to remind you that the registration to the annual international exhibition “Education and Career 2013” which will be held from 19th of February until 21st of February in Tashkent, Uzbekistan is still open.

The deadline for registration is February 10, 2012.


What is “Education and Career 2013”?


International Exhibition “Education and Career 2013” is one of the biggest and leading professional events in the Education Market of Uzbekistan. The exhibition is approved by the Ministry of Education of Uzbekistan and is directly supported by the Chamber of Commerce of Uzbekistan. The “Education and Career” is organized by our agency “Education Voyage” in partnership with the prominent exhibition company “SPP Expo Contact”.


Why Uzbekistan?


Every year up to 225,000 students graduate from local high schools. This year up to 445,000 young people applied for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees to local higher educational institutions. Hence, there was a ratio of 7.9 people per place available at local institutions. Consequently, only a mere number of 64,000 students were admitted and the others were left out in the market of education. Due to that, a great number of young people are seeking education opportunities elsewhere, particularly abroad. Taking into account the promotion of the event we will be doing, we intend to reach all of those potential students.


Why “Education Voyage”?


Our company takes responsibility to start the promotion of the event from 1st of February and we will do a POST-EXHIBITION PROMOTION until 1st of March. It is important to note, that the promotion of the event will be done not only in Tashkent, but in all regions of our country, therefore, we expect visitors from all over the country. Moreover, rates offered by Education Voyage are the lowest and include most of the services are free of charge (please, refer to brochure). Participation fee is only 1200EUR.

The foremost goal of this event is to provide the potential students the information about advantages and opportunities of studying abroad. Our main focus will be on high school graduates, current students of local institutions seeking high quality education abroad, and those who would like to gain International Master’s degree and Ph.D. degrees. Each year bigger and bigger number of students is realizing that only international institutions can meet their demands and expectations for high-quality education. Moreover, it is worth to note that our event will not only target Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs, but also Language courses and International High School Education as well. Also, please note that our company guarantees to send at least 2 (two) students within the next 1 (one) month to your institution.

In case there is not any available staff to visit our exhibition and take a part in it, there is an option of distance participation, which will cost only 900EUR. Hence, a highly-qualified employee of Education Voyage Agency will represent your institution or university during the three days of the exhibition.

Even if you decide to choose distance participation, our obligation of sending aminimum of 2 students within the next three months, after the exhibition remains unchanged.

Whichever option you choose, all the exhibition supporters and participants will have all the privileges and bonuses provided by Education Voyage Agency. Besides, the supporters and participants have the opportunity of getting into the list of 20-GOLDEN PARTNERS of our agency, whom we will intensively promote in the territory ofUzbekistan for next 12 months after Exhibition “Education and Career 2013”.
We hope to see you in our exhibition “Education & Career 2012”




Rustam Saydullaev




Email: marketing@mystudy.uz