Campus Hungary - Information about a grant scheme for Hungarian students

Dear Partner,

Please allow me to inform you that a new scholarship programme has been recently launched in Hungary, named Campus Hungary, in order to provide professional and personal experience for Hungarian students abroad. We are sending this letter to inform you about the programme, because new exchange student applicants may refer to it. 

The Campus Hungary programme is executed by the financial support of the European Union. Students can apply for short study trips, one semester long studies and placements abroad. 

Exchange students have to apply for the grant on an individual basis, and are selected by the board of Campus Hungary. For successful application, students are required not only to meet the strict criteria to ensure academic and language proficiency, but they also need to submit a Letter of Acceptance from the host university. Since this grant opportunity is beyond the guidance of Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) - the programme is maintained by a state organization, Balassi Institute, and is executed by the financial support of the European Union - hence students might contact your institution individually, not via us. Therefore, we would be grateful, if you could help these students in contacting the right academic person/staff member at your university. Though should you need any proof or assistance from us, please do not hesitate to contact me (rakacs.anett@rekthiv.elte.hu)

Please note that this financial grant (providing cover only to the living costs of students while studying abroad) is available for the students of each Hungarian university, and they can choose any institution worldwide. However, our aim is also to provide our network of partner organizations.

We can only provide assistance for ELTE students. Should you need assistance regarding applicants from other institutions, please contact info@campushungary.hu 

Our university applicants were very successful in the first cycle: 85 ELTE students have been supported for short study trips and placements internationally, hence we believe our students will be acknowledged by the board this year alike. 

For more information on Campus Hungary, please visit this site: http://english.tpf.hu/pages/content/index.php?page_id=292

Finally, please allow me to assure you, that we aim to support balanced mobility. If ELTE students apply for the grant to your university, you have the possibility to consider them as part of our agreed quota

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 

Thank you very much for your cooperation in advance. 

With best wishes,

Anett Rakács 
International Coordinator of
Global Bilateral Agreements

Department for International Education and Mobility 
Rector's Office
Eötvös Loránd University