E-newsletter ESSDERC/ESSCIRC No. 2

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Electronic news bulletin for the potential participants to ESSCIRC/ESSDERC 2013

No.2, 8th of February, 2012

 The 2013 edition of the twin conferences ESSCIRC/ESSDERC 2013 will take place in Bucharest (Romania), 17-19 September 2013. This is an IEEE event devoted to nanoelectronics.

Official conference sites are:

 The Conference topics are available here for ESSCIRC 2013 and here for ESSDERC 2013, respectively. 
New topics of (1) Optoelectronic and photonic devices; (2) Carbon-based devices are included.

Deadline for paper submission: 15th of April, 2013. 
Certification of acceptance: 7th of June, 2013. Accepted papers will be published in Conference Proceedings (IEEE publication)

 Conference highlights. Among the plenary speakers are:

  • Prof. Jesus A del Alamo, MIT, USA (see biography), presenting “Nanometer-scale InGaAs Field-Effect Transistors for THz and CMOS technologies” (see abstract).
  • Dr. Livio Baldi, ST Micro, Italy (see biography), "Emerging Memories" (see abstract).
  • Prof. Tsunenobu Kimoto, Kyoto University, Japan (see biography), "Ultrahigh-Voltage SiC Devices for Future Power Infrastructure" (see abstract).

Information about the other 9 plenary talks will be available soon.

 Workshops. Another point of interest at the Conference: the workshops organized on 20th of September, 2013 at the conference location.
  • One workshop, organized by Infineon, will be devoted to “automotive electronics”.
  •  Another workshop will be devoted to "Nanoelectronics and nanotechnology in Eastern Europe" (EU Eastern countries, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldavia, Turkey etc.). One of the speakers will be Dr. Andreas Wild, Executive Director of ENIAC (public-private partnership in nanoelectronics). Further information: available from the workshop organizer, Prof. I. Bogdan(bogdani@etti.tuiasi.ro)
 Further information. The conference official sites are containing further information about:
  • Conference venue (click here)
  • Available hotels (click here)

You can also get information about the Romanian visa here.