World Biotechnology Congress 2013

Focusing on the importance of biotechnological research taking place in academia and industry as well as its practical applications, Eureka Conferences announces its forthcoming conference; The World Biotechnology Congress 2013 (WBC 2013) scheduled to be held from June 3rd - 6th, 2013 inBostonUSA. It will provide a platform for eminent scientists and biotechnology professionals to share ideas and present their latest research and industrial applications of biotechnology. Focal issues of the conference will be pharmaceutical biotechnology, vaccines, CNS, cancer, antibodies, protein engineering, plant and environmental technologies, transgenic plant and crops, bioremediation, and microbial diversity research.

The conference will also highlight the significance of business growth, development opportunities and business strategies. In addition to the talks the congress will also feature poster presentations and an exhibition.

Eureka group has several years of experience in holding international conferences in different parts of the world which have been attended by over 5000 international scientist and over 30 Nobel Laureates.

This Congress will be presided by Nobel Laureate, Prof. Ferid Murad (USA).

The talks and poster presentations will cover major aspects of biotechnology including:

1. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology:

· biopharmaceuticals discovery (CNS, cancer, cardiovascular, endocrine, immune); 
· vaccines;
· antibodies;
· protein engineering.

2. Plant and Environment:
· transgenic plants and crops;
· bioremediation;
· microbial diversity;
· bio-monitoring;

. photosynthetic microorganisms;

. cyanobacteria and microalgae.

3. Industrial and Manufacturing:
· bio-fuels;
· energy crops (cellulosic ethanol industry);
· industrial enzymes;
· bioprocess engineering and optimization.

4. Medical Biotechnology:
· biopharmaceutical manufacturing;

. diagnostics;

. imaging;

. pharmacogenomics (personalized medicine);

. microarray technology;

. biomarkers.

5. Business development:
· strategic alliances;
· partnering trends;
· product opportunities;
· growth;
· business models and strategies;
· licensing;
· merger and acquisitions;
· outsourcing;
· venture capital and financing;
· intellectual property.

6. Regenerative Medicine:

. stem cells;

. gene therapy;

. tissue engineering;

. cell based therapy;

. cell cultivation.

7Other areas:

. Food;
· Bio-safety;
· Systems Biology,
· Clinical Research/clinical trials;
· bioethics;
· Nano biotechnology.


8Marine Biotechnology:


. Environment Applications of Marine Biotechnology;

. Marine Natural Products;

. Bioproducts and Bioactive Compounds;

. Marine Microbiology and Biodiversity;

. Marine-based Drug Discovery & Development;

. Genomics and Proteomics of Marine Organisms;

. Aquatic Microbial Ecology.

Further details of the conference can be viewed at http://translationalmedicine-<wbr< a="">>cong.com/

Abstracts for consideration as Invited or Session Lectures, and Poster Presentations may be submitted at http://translationalmedicine-<wbr< a="">>cong.com/ Alternatively, a maximum one-page abstract written in English can be 
submitted by e-mail at 

Selection criteria for oral and poster presentations  are based on scientific merit, novelty and practical application. Selection of conference presentations will be published in a high Impact Factor journal by an international publisher.


To support this conference, you may download the conference poster from herehttp://translationalmedicine-<wbr< a="">>cong.com/WBC-flyer.htm and post it on the public notice board of your organization.

Sponsorship and exhibition opportunities are also available; for details please contacteditorial@biolipids-cong.com   

Registration for the event is now open. Please register at http://translationalmedicine-<wbr< a="">>cong.com/reg.htm or alternatively, you may contact editorial@biolipids-cong.com  Two day registration options, at discounted rates, are also available.

Exhibitors and interested sponsors may contact the marketing department at

We await to welcome you in June 2013 to present and listen to talks on the latest researches and developments in biotechnology and to connect with fellow academics, researchers and industry professionals.


Organizing Secretariat

World Biotechnology Congress 2013