EINCO 2013 - 1st Call for Papers - Oradea

Dear colleagues,



With apologizes for cross-posting, this is the first call for papers for the 9th International Conference on European Integration – New Challenges – EINCO 2013 being held at the University of Oradea, Faculty of Economic SciencesOradea, Romania on 24-25 May 2013.


This call will close on 1st April 2013. 

Academic researches, post-doctoral researches, PhD researches, case studies and work-in-progress are welcomed approaches. For further details, please see attached or visit http://anale.steconomiceuoradea.ro/en/the-fes-conference/. 


The EINCO 2013 Conference Organizing Committee established four broad Sections. Within each of the Sections are Sub-sections as it follows:


  1. Section International Business, European Integration, Foreign Languages and Business Environment

Section Head: Dr. Nicoleta Bugnar, e-mail: nbugnar@uoradea.ro


• International Business

• EU Sustainable Economic Development and Competitiveness

• The Impact of Foreign Languages on the Business Environment


  1. Section Economics, Business Administration and Economic Statistics

Section Head: Dr. Alina Bădulescu – e-mail: abadulescu@uoradea.ro


• Economics

• Business Administration

• Economic Statistics

• Tourism


  1. Section Finance, Banking, Accounting and Audit

Section Head: Dr. Ioan-Gheorghe Țară – e-mail: itara@uoradea.ro


• Public Finances

• Corporate Finances

• Banking

• Accounting

• Audit


  1. Section Management, Marketing, Economic Cybernetics and Informatics

Section Head: Dr. Maria-Madela Abrudan, e-mail: mabrudan@uoradea.ro


• Management

• Marketing

• Economic Cybernetics and Informatics


For more information please go to: http://anale.steconomiceuoradea.ro.

Please feel free to circulate this message to any colleagues or contacts you think may be interested.



Important dates

On-line registration, authentication and full paper submission due (subject to double-blind review) on http://conference.steconomiceuoradea.ro:

01 April 2013




Notification of paper acceptance (with any requested changes after the double-blind reviewing process) / rejection (e-mail will be sent to you by the Editorial Committee):

15 April 2013




Payment of the registration fee and final (revised) paper submission due(if changes were requestedon http://conference.steconomiceuoradea.ro:


22 April 2013

Dates of the Conference - EINCO 2013

Conference venue: Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Oradea, Oradea, Romania

24-25 May 2013



Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Oradea, University Street, no.1, Oradea, Bihor (See the Googlemap here or by typing EINCO Conference - Universitatea din Oradeainto Google Maps).


The language of Conference and publication is English. All papers must be submitted inEnglish only.

Instructions for authors:

The papers will be written in English, and will not exceed 5000 words in length, including abstract, figures, references and appendices for a total of 10 pages. Papers must comply with the Model paper available for download at: http://anale.steconomiceuoradea.ro/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/EINCO-2013-style-model-paper.doc, that explains all the requirements in detail. Papers not conforming to the conference style will be returned (see hereby attached, too).

Each author may submit maximum two papers - individual or in collaboration. In the case of submitting two papers, both papers will be registered within the same section / sub-section of the conference. The acceptance of a paper implies that at least one of the authors must attend the conference and present the paper. One author/co-author can present up to two papers at the conference, if both are accepted as single author or first author. 

Publication opportunity:

The abstracts of the accepted papers (after the double-blind review evaluation process) will be published in the Conference Abstracts’ Volume (Abstracts Proceedings) “European Integration – New Challenges”, Oradea University Press, print format and on-line, subject to author prior registration and payment.

The papers accepted (after the double-blind review evaluation process) and presented at the Conference will be published in the Journal “The Annals of the University of Oradea. Economic Sciences” - Tom XXII, 2013, ISSN 1582-5450 (electronic format), ISSN 1222-569X (print format), Oradea University Press, journal counted by the National Authority as B+ CNCSIS - Romania, and RePEc, EBSCO, DOAJ, SCIPIO, CABELL’S DIRECTORY OF PUBLISHING OPPORTUNITIES, SCOPUS (pending listing – review process) indexed. Our Journal issues are submitted for accreditation on publication. Please note that depending on the accreditation body this process can take up to several months after the journal issue is published/released.

All published papers will be also available, with free full text access, on the site of the journal:http://anale.steconomiceuoradea.ro. 



Other details:

All details of the conference are available online - please check the following webpage:http://anale.steconomiceuoradea.ro/en/the-fes-conference/.

We look forward to receiving your contributions and seeing you in Oradea, on 24-25 May2013, and kindly ask you to disseminate the call to other possible interested participants or institutions.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information(EINCO.Conference@gmail.com).


Kind regards,


EINCO 2013 Team


Faculty of Economic Sciences, 
University of Oradea, Romania




Conference Chair: Dr. Adriana GIURGIU, e-mail: agiurgiu@uoradea.ro


Conference Co-Chairs:

Section International Business, European Integration, Foreign Languages and Business Environment – Dr. Nicoleta Bugnar, e-mail: nbugnar@uoradea.ro 
Section Economics, Business Administration and Economic Statistics – Dr. Alina Bădulescu – e-mail: abadulescu@uoradea.ro
Section Finance, Banking, Accounting and Audit – Dr. Ioan-Gheorghe Țară – e-mail: itara@uoradea.ro
Section Management, Marketing, Economic Cybernetics and Informatics  – Dr. Maria-Madela Abrudan, e-mail: mabrudan@uoradea.ro 
For technical questions regarding the on-line registration and paper submission, please contact Mr. Cătălin Zmole, e-mail: czmole@uoradea.ro



Conf.univ. Dr. Adriana GIURGIU (Associate Professor Dr. - University Reader, Ph.D.)

Faculty of Economic Sciences - University of Oradea, Romania

Jean Monnet European Module Leader - "EU Sustainable Development and Competitiveness"
Director of the European Documentation Centre - Oradea (EDCO)
Member of the Department of International Business
Universitatii str. 1, Post code RO-410087, Oradea, Bihor, Romania
Tel. office: +40-259-408.109 or +40-259-408.209; Fax office: +40-359-815.084
Mobile phone (personal): +40-752-100.900

Newsletter Nr. 21 des DAAD-IC Kiew

Шановні пані та панове,
новий інформаційний бюлетень від Інформаційного центру DAAD у Києві Ви можете переглянути за адресою: http://www.daad.org.ua/Newsletter/Newsletter21-ukr.pdf

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
den neuen Newsletter vom DAAD-IC Kiew können Sie lesen unter: http://www.daad.org.ua/Newsletter/Newsletter21-de.pdf



2013 International Conference on Microtechnology and MEMS (ICMM 2013) 2013年显微技术和 微电子机械系统国际学术研讨会

2013 International Conference on Microtechnology and MEMS (ICMM 2013)

2013年显微技术和 微电子机械系统国际学术研讨会

May 22-23, Bejing,China    2013522-23号中国北京


2013 International Conference on Microtechnology and MEMS (ICMM 2013) will be held on May 22-23, Bejing, China

ICMM 2013 has been entered the publisher website



All accepted papers from ICMM 2013 will also be published on international journal Applied Mechanics and Materials(ISSN:1660-9336) and will be indexed in EI Compendex, Thomson ISTP and Elsevier SCOPUS databases. Trans Tech Publications will provide online camera-ready paper submission system to save time and decrease the publishing cycle. Selected excellent papers will be published on international reputation journals.

The following Topics are enthusiastically encouraged but not limited to:


Materials Science and Materials Processing Technology

Design and Manufacturing

Automation, Control, Information Technology and MEMS






Important Dates:

Paper submissions due         (投稿截止): March 25, 2013

Paper notification of acceptance (录用通知): 1-2 weeks after submission

Paper registration deadline     (注册截止): before March 28, 2013

Conference Date              (会议时间): May 22-23, 2013


Email: icmm2013@163.com  Tel: 18086038213;027- 87772193


Szkolenia metodyczne / Methodological courses for Polish teachers / Schulungen für Polnischlehrer

Szanowni Państwo!

W związku z prowadzonymi w Państwa instytucji kursami języka polskiego jako obcego przesyłamy informację dla lektorów języka polskiego na temat adresowanego do nich jednodniowego szkolenia.

Będziemy wdzięczni za udostępnienie załączonej informacji wszystkim zainteresowanym.

Dodatkowo informujemy, że każdy uczestnik szkolenia otrzyma bezpłatnie wybraną pozycję z serii „Polski, krok po kroku” oraz dwunastomiesięczny dostęp do platformy e-polish.eu o łącznej wartości ok. 200 PLN. Podczas szkolenia będzie także możliwość zakupienia wszystkich książek z serii „Polski, krok po kroku” z 15% rabatem.

Z poważaniem,
Zespół Szkoły Języka Polskiego GLOSSA

Dear Sir or Madam,
We would like to encourage the Polish language teachers employed at your school to participate in methodological workshop organized by Glossa Polish Language School. In the attached file there is detailed information on the program.

We would appreciate if you could pass the information to all who might find it interesting.

We would also like to inform you that each participant of the workshop will receive free of charge a selected item from the series "Polski, krok po kroku" and twelve month access to the platform e-polish.eu of the total value of GBP 40. During the workshop you will also have a chance to buy all books from the series "Polski, krok po kroku" with a 15% discount.

Yours faithfully,
Zespół Szkoły Języka Polskiego GLOSSA

Jeśli nie życzą sobie Państwo w przyszłości otrzymywać ŻADNYCH informacji od nas proszę kliknąć na poniższy link:


Семинары МЦКПП на Апрель 2013

8-12 Апреля

Энергетическая психология
практический семинар с теоретическим осмыслением

Ведущий занятий
Профессор доктор (mult)
Курт Гусс

22-26 Апреля

Гуманистическая психодрама
практический тренинг с теоретическим осмыслением

Ведущий занятий
Доцент Мария Марта Шмитц


22-26 Апреля

Общая психопатология и инновации в терапии нарушений поведения

Ведущий занятий
Профессор доктор
Ханс-Вернер Гессманн

Более подробную информацию о семинарах можно получить на нашем сайте www.iccpp.org

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